Dorothy Thorpe Glassware

dorothy thorpe glass wine decanter role poly rocks water chip dip martini
Dorothy Thorpe Glassware Collection

The pieces in this picture are two types of Dorothy Thorpe glassware- Allegro and Silver Band. Both pieces have a band that is 1″ in length. The distinguishing features of the two is the Silver Band is an actual band of silver that will tarnish and the Allegro is a mirror like finish that doesn’t tarnish.

NOTE: There are pieces out there that claim to be Dorothy Thorpe called fade. These pieces of glassware are not Dorothy Thorpe, but are Queen’s Lusterware.

The glasses were purchased for appromately $0.99 each through out the various thrift stores.  Today’s value for a set of 6 roly poly glasses online are between $40.00-$60.00.  The martini glasses, water glasses, champagne, chip and dip, decanters and bowls were found under $5.00 each and are worth much much more in today’s market.


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