Welcome to The Thrift Store Collector

I’m going to take you on a whirlwind journey throughout the thrift stores of Las Vegas to uncover some awesome treasures, unusual finds and many many items that will leave you saying, “what the heck were they thinking”.
I started an interest in collecting from my friend Brian. I can remember the very first thing I picked up, a vintage General Electric automatic percolator (GE 25P50) circa 1960’s. Originally I purchased it for him, but once I got home and cleaned the grease off it and polished it up, I realized- Hey this is really cool! (And kept it for myself- sorry Brian!) This then led to collecting vintage Dorothy Thrope barware, vintage Tupperware and my real passion- vintage Corningware Spice of Life.
I hit the thrift stores weekly to find discounted treasures for my collection, but come across some really, well how can I politely say it, “unique items”. I’m here to show you some of the good, bad and plan ugly items throughout my journeys.
Stay tuned…..


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