Homer Laughlin 1950’s Golden Wheat 22k Rim Dinner Set

homer laughin golden wheat dinner set 22k gold rim
Homer Laughlin Golden Wheat Dinner Set

This collection is very special to me.  A good majority of the pieces were acquired from my mother.  Which was passed down to her by my grandmother.  I have a complete set for atleast 12 which consists of cups, saucers, soup, salad, dessert and dinner plates.  I was able to locate the two gravy bowls and additional cups here at Savers in Summerlin.

The Homer Laughlin company produced these plates between 1949 and 1966 and were included in Duz detergent.  You received one piece of the set in each box.  (Which raises the question, how did you know what was in the box and how long did it take you to collect a full set?)

To my knowledge there is a large serving platter that goes along with this set and also a sugar bowl.  I will have to be on the lookout to find these final pieces.  This is a wonderful set to use for the holidays for nostalgia and to bring family a little closer to home.


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