The Classic Fondue Pot

vintage fondue pot fondue forks
Vintage Fondue Pot with Classic Fondue Forks

What’s a party without a little fondue?  This mid century treasure is so much fun and always a hit when I bring it out. The fondue pot was purchased at Savers in Summerlin for $5.99 and the Hamilton Beach fondue forks was purchased at the Salvation Army for $2.00.  (They decided to write the price right on the box…. Grrrr!!!).  There are so many fondue pots out there and online that I have NO IDEA who made it or what year it is from. There is nothing stamped on it.  But, I don’t care it’s a great find and always a good time.

If you really want to try something fun- call some friends, crack open a bottle of wine, melt some cheese, find some bread, put on some cocktail music and let the party begin!  🍷🍷



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