The Original Corningware Cornflower

corningware blue cornflower vintage
Corningware Blue Cornflower Pattern

In November of 1958, Corningware rolled out the first Pyroceram cookware.  This cookware was the first to withstand sudden temperate changes up to 450 degrees.  It was also the first cookware that was able to be used on the stovetop, oven and microwave.

My sister Darlene, purchased this classic vintage set today at her local Goodwill.  Total price for this amazing set was $14.00.  It’s difficult to find Corningware pieces that also come with their original lids, so this makes this find extra special.

Corningware featured an ad that claimed, “It makes no sense to cook in one dish, serve in another and store in a third”.  This motto holds true today.  Do you find yourself with a bunch of dishes after your meal?  Imagine just putting the lid on what you cooked and putting it in the refrigerator?   Freezer to oven or fridgerator to stove, all in one in dish- Simply Brilliant!

Congrats to my sister on her amazing find.  Plan on years of enjoyment and welcome to the Corningware club!





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