Vintage Octagon Carnival Glass Compote

Vintage Octagon Carnival Glass Compote
Vintage Octagon Carnival Glass Compote

Here’s another treasure from mom, a  vintage Octagon Carnival Glass Compote. As a kid, I remember this sitting on the side table in the living room in my parents house for years.  I always loved how the colors changed and it always stayed so shiny.

Fenton Art Glass Company came up with this type of art glass in 1907.  At the time, Tiffany was also producing iridescent glassware which was very expensive and could only be afforded by the elite.  This was Fenton’s way of producing a comparable style of glass that was related to the Tiffany pieces, but at a fraction of the price.  Needless to say, this was a huge hit and many companies joined in on the success. This new style of glass was now bring produced by Fenton, Dugan, Imperial, Northwood and Millersburg to name a few.  As you can imagine, Tiffany was not very happy about it.   In the 1920’s, companies switched from hand presses to using machinery and now could produce tons of this glass product. However, the stock market crashed and the economy tanked.  There was now tons of these glass pieces available.  Now what?  –Carnivals.

Carnivals started purchasing these glass pieces for just pennies and it was handed out as prizes. This is how it became to be known as “Carnival Glass”.

This piece above is a compote in the octagon pattern. There are many, many different patterns available in Carnival Glass, which makes collecting it fun.  I will continue to treasure this piece as it now sits on my side table.  It still changes colors and it still remains shiny and it always makes me smile.









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