The Classic Sangria

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The Classic Sangria

One of the best things to do when collecting vintage items is finding great recipes to allow you to use them. If you have a set of vintage barware or only have a couple of

Sangria Dorothy Thorpe Silver Rim Decanter



Sangria is a common beverage in both Spain and Portugal.  It was introduced to the United States in 1964 at the Worlds Fair in New York.





favorite glasses, this is one of the best and easiest recipes to utilize your favorite barware.  Sangria is a classic signature cocktail which includes red wine, fruit, brandy and a sweetener. You can choose to make your Sangria either plain or exotic, the choice is really up to you.  I’ll provide you a basic recipe, but those of you who know me will know that I never do anything basic!

My basic sangria recipe consists of the following:

Fruit (oranges, apples, strawberries, lemons…etc.). Remember it’s all up to you.

1 bottle Red Wine.  The better the wine- the better the Sangria.

1 cup Brandy

1 cup Seven-Up

Cut your citrus in slices removing seeds and place them in a large pitcher.  Core and slice apples in wedges, clean and remove any leaves on the remaining fruit. Add the fruit, wine, brandy and Seven-Up to the pitcher, stir and let marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight. Make sure you have your Sangria chilled as you never want to dilute your Sangria with ice.


Small Dorothy Thorpe Decanter Roly Poly Glasses Silver Rim
Small Dorothy Thorpe Decanter With Roly Poly Glasses



When life gives you lemons, make Sangria!






Things to keep in mind when serving:

You have many different choices when serving your Sangria. For a party with 8+ guests, choose to serve your sangria in a punch bowl and keep the glasses small.  A vintage roly poly glass or punch bowl glass will be perfect. Serve each guest the first drink, afterwards let them know to feel free to help themselves. If serving 4-6 guests, a nice vintage pitcher or decanter with either wine glasses, hurricane glasses or rocks glasses will work great.  Always be sure that guests receive some marinated fruit with their beverage (after all it is the best part), a slice of fresh fruit on the rim of the glass and a sprig of mint will complete the cocktail.

The key to using vintage items successfully is all in the presentation. You want to make your guests feel special when using these treasures.  With the right recipe, presentation and delivery, any set of vintage glasses can turn into the hit of a party. The picture above shows the use of a Dorothy Thorpe decanter with roly poly glasses.



-The Thrift Store Collector


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