Vintage Items That Are HOT And Worth More Than You Think!


Hello all!  I wanted to pass along to you some items that shouldn’t be passed up if you’re really interested in starting a collection, adding to your collection or just want to flip some items online.  When you’re driving by that Thrift Store, passing that Garage Sale sign or antique store,  take a moment to stop by- it could certainly be worth your while.

Below are some of the hottest vintage items that have been confirmed online (some are also my predictions for the future) that are becoming hugely popular and collectible:

80’s memorabilia– these include vintage tee shirts, Atari games, cartridges, music posters, action figures and Swatch watches. Vintage Star Wars memorabilia is off the charts popular now.

Ceramic Christmas trees– HUGELY collectible!  Do a search on EBay and you will be surprised to see that these are going for $200-$300 per tree.


Vintage Hallmark Ornaments 1970’s through early 2000’s.  This is another category online where the prices are through the roof.

Vintage concert tee shirts

Corningware, Pyrex, Tupperware, Melamine and vintage Farberware cookware-  Yes, it’s true you may go to your local thrift store and come across these items, but they are becoming harder and harder to collect.  (Especially if they are in good condition with all the original pieces) People are paying big bucks for the rare pieces.

Vintage Cookbooks 1950’s-1980’s – it is very easy now to pop online and quickly find your favorite recipe.  As we continue to rely on digital media, these classic books are going to be harder and harder to find.


Vintage electronic equipment– radios, stereos receivers, TV, CB radios, clocks


Boardgames- This is another hugely popular item online especially the games from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Vintage globes

Vintage Olympic and airline posters

Some tips to keep in mind while browsing, collecting and selling:

1.  Condition- make sure it’s in pristine condition.  Nobody wants a messed up Tupperware bowl or original board game that is missing the pieces.

2.  Do your research and check the stamps and markings on the item and find out as much history as you can.

3.  Find like minded people that share your interest in what you collect.  These are great resources to bounce off information, get suggestions or be on the lookout for you.  Nowadays you can find them within minutes online.

4. Be fair in your purchase price and with your selling price.  Everyone is entitled to make a profit- but it’s not fair to be gouged or take advantage of someone.

Any of the above items would be a great start if you’re interested in starting a collection. Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll be happy you did!

Shop. Collect. Enjoy!













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