Guest Post: Orange Luthje Wood Ice Bucket


Hi there! I’m Brian, Jeff’s friend and fellow thrift store hunter. He asks me to collaborate now and then when I find something amazing during our excursions.

I was on my own at a Goodwill in the older part of town when this orange ice bucket caught my eye. I love anything orange, and if you came to my house you would completely agree. Tucked among the tired plastic ware and ugly trays was a very cool looking Danish Modern ice bucket by Luthje Wood.

Of course I had never heard of Luthje Wood, but as I excitedly stood in line I Googled more about this fantastic piece of classic Danish design.


Although The Danish Modern movement began in the 1920’s, it truly began to become popular in the mid century and 1960’s. Catherineholm is a popular designer of serveware and the gold standard of beautiful Danish design. But Luthje Wood also produced an amazing array of beautiful items from ice buckets to cheese boards. I couldn’t believe someone had parted with this fantastic little gem, but I was happy to scoop it up.

The best part of thrifting is realizing you’ve found a little piece of history. And at $5.99…it’s worth a text to your BFF to brag about the amazing deal you’ve found. This lovely piece of Danish Modern serve ware is displayed proudly on my countertop…a testament to persistence and a little bit of luck from shopping at the local thrift shop.


-Brian T.    Las Vegas, NV


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