Vintage Three Shade Brass Tension Lamp

Hello all!  Sorry for the lack of posts, I was out of town visiting family and just got back.  I wanted to share with you a find that came from my mom’s house in Pennsylvania. This vintage three shade brass tension light was in my parents living room ever since I was a child.  (I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t purchased in the early 1950’s.)  I asked my mom for more details about the lamp and all she remembers is buying it from the local furniture store Fisher’s Furniture. This lamp was placed in the attic in the middle 1980’s where it sat ever since.  This past weekend, I managed to climb up there and found it in decent shape.  I packed it up and brought it back to Las Vegas, gave it a good cleaning and brought it back to life.  I’m going to try to find some information about the history of it.  The lamp switch allows you to turn on individual lamps and brings back a lot of fond memories. I’m happy that it remained intact and surprisingly had only minor wear and tear damage after all these years.  I plan on enjoying it for many years to come.



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