Vintage Corning Ware Piggy Banks


After searching for over a year, I have finally found a set of the Corningware piggy banks.  Produced by Corning Glass Works in the 1980’s, these rare banks were made available to Corningware employees for purchase.  I do not know what the employees paid for these banks when they were released, but these are a highly collectable item by Corningware collectors today which fetch prices of $50 or more per bank.  These banks are very small about 7″ across, but a must have for a serious Corningware collector.  If you should ever come across one of these in a thrift store or yard sale- GRAB IT.  These are extremely hard to find.




3 thoughts on “Vintage Corning Ware Piggy Banks”

  1. Greetings,

    Just thought I would let you know that Corning Glass Works did not actually name these promotional Piggy Banks, which were offered to employees in the company store. It has become a tradition, among Corning Ware collectors, to name our Cornflower and Spice O’ Life piggy banks when we add them to our Corning Ware collections. Hamlette, Spamlette, and Porkchop in particular, were named by Paul, the owner of My own cornflower pig is named “Kevin Bacon”. (

    It should also be noted that many of these pigs were produced by the English manufacturer for the British market. There are many designs on these banks, besides the Corning Ware patterns. There are enough designs for one to even begin collecting the piggy banks themselves. 🙂 I actually own one with Holly painted on it, named Holly HamHocks, of course.

    I am not sure how many pattern variations, not related to Corning Glass Works, were made once production of these banks was moved to Taiwan. Though I am aware of at least one, which is just a plain pink pig.

    Best Regards,



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