2016 The End Of The Microwave!


This wasn’t by choice. The microwave was acting kinda strange for the past few months.  Sometimes it felt like working, at other times it could not be bothered.  A couple weeks ago it finally quit all together and I have been without it ever since.   I must say, initially it was  strange.  I’ve always had a microwave since the 1980’s.  It’s one of those appliances that you just have.  After it was gone, I really asked myself “what do I really use it for”?  It was for the recipes that call for melted butter or boiling water.  I would also use it for quick re-heats of leftovers.  But then I thought- do I really need another one?  Yes, it’s certainly affordable- they are a dime a dozen almost anywhere you shop. But, do I really need another one?  So far the answer has been-  No.

As you know I love my Corningware. Anything that I make and have left overs of goes into a small Corningware casserole dish and gets placed in the fridge.  When I want to reheat, it comes out of the fridge and is reheated on the stovetop. (Remember certain Corningware pieces are safe to use in the microwave, range and oven.  Be sure to read the stamp). I will admit, it will not heat as quick as the usual 2:30 when it was in the microwave, but it is certainly done reheating before 5 minutes.  Also, melting butter or boiling a cup of water really doesn’t take that long on the stove..Jeesh!  Here’s the bonus- I have more counter space and I don’t have another appliance that has to be cleaned.  BONUS!!

I’m sure this approach might not work for everyone,  but anyone who has contemplated the need for a microwave- just might be surprised.


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