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Cheinco Spice Of Life Breadbox


During my visit to Pennsylvania, my sister and I hit some of the local thrift stores in the Harrisburg area.  We uncovered a new store that my sister never visited before.  Located beside a car wash and tucked behind a back corner of a small strip mall was this incredible store. (I’ll let my sister chime in on the name) What made this store so special was it had a feel of an antique store but had amazing thrift store prices. The staff was very friendly and I could’ve spent hours looking at all the items they had there.  Located on the second floor in an area with a ton of cool Pyrex items was this Cheinco Spice of Life breadbox.

Cheinco (known as the J. Chein company and pronounced “chain-co”) started out in 1903 in New York City.  They produced small tin toys for Cracker Jack boxes and toys for five and dime stores.  Cheinco also manufactured comic toy characters (Popeye, Felix and Disney characters) and tin advertising logos for major companies such as Coca-Cola.  In the 1940’s they aided in the war effort by producing nosecones and tails for bombs.  During the 1950’s they migrated into producing metal canisters, cake and cookie tins and of course breadboxes.  The toy division at Cheinco was discontinued in the mid 1960’s and they continued to produce housewares until the late 1980’s.

This breadbox was purchased for $10.00 and retails online for around $25.00. It’s another one of the accessory products that enhances the Corningware Spice of Life line.

For me to complete the Cheinco Spice of Life tin canister series, I’ll need to find the flour, sugar, coffee and tea canisters all with the brown lids (not yellow).  No problem there…. Sigh…..

For more information on the J. Chein Company legacy, p;was visit the Wikipedia article  J. Chein Company