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Federal Glass- Spice of Life Pedestal Mugs

imageFederal Glass Company started in 1900 in Columbus, Ohio.  They made thousands of pieces in many different sizes, shapes and patterns. Federal Glass was hugely popular until the 1960’s where people started to move towards to using more plastics for their glassware and dinnerware.  The company made efforts in the 1960’s-1970’s to enhance their product line, but the attempt fell short and they closed their doors in 1979.

Online retailers have these classics going between $10-$25 dollars a set.  I was able to get mine for around a dollar each at the local Savers.  I Iike the fact that these vintage mugs hold 10 ounces, but I’m always concerned that they will tumble over due to their height.

Overall, it was a great find and I look forward to using them for many years to come.





Federal Glass Atomic Black and Gold Diamond

federal glass black gold diamond casserole atomic
Federal Glass Black and Gold Diamond Casserole Dish

The Federal Glass company started in the 1900’s in Colombus Ohio and lasted until 1979.  This vintage Federal Glass atomic black and gold diamond pattern casserole dish was found at Savers in Summerlin.  Sadly, this is missing the lid. This pattern was circa 1970’s and came in many types of serving dish styles.  This was purchased for approximately $5.00 and today’s value is between $24.00-$30.00.  I have yet to come across this pattern again, but.. Boy I hope I do!