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Jasco Spice Of Life Warming Tray

Jasco spice of life warming plate
Jasco Spice of Life Warming Tray

Today’s find uncovers an original Jasco Spice of Life warming tray.  (Another accessory piece to enhance the Corningware Spice of Life line)

Jasco manufactured many different styles of warming trays in the late 70’s.  Some warming trays were simulated wood grain, atomic, geometric and floral patterns and many resembled pieces from the Corningware series.  Some trays only had one warmer while others could have three.  These warming trays were a big hit back in the day for entertaining as you could bring out your dish from the oven (or your coffee or tea), place it on the warming tray it and would stay warm for the duration of the dinner or party.  The tray itself was only around 35watts, so you don’t have to worry about things boiling over.  These trays bring back lots of memories and I’m sure you remember someone in your family that had one.

This warming tray was found at the local Goodwill for $2.99 and was tested and it does indeed work.  Current online retail prices for these warming trays are between $20-$40.  I can’t wait to pull this beauty out for my next retro party.