Dorothy Thorpe Glama Glass

vintage dorothy thorpe glama glass plate gold
Vintage Dorothy Thorpe Glama Glass Plate

This vintage mid century Dorothy Thorpe Glama Glass plate was actually given to me as a gift. It is from the 1950’s with great atomic star patterns that are in 22kt gold.

Glama glass comes in many different sizes and shapes.  A search on Pinterest will bring up many of the different styles.




Vintage Tupperware Lunch Tray Collection

vintage tupperware trays plates glasses mugs ice bucket
Vintage Tupperware Trays and Lunch Plates

These trays are awesome for outdoor BBQ’s and hanging out in the pool. It gives you that old school lunch tray feel.

This set consists of both the lunch/dinner trays and the luncheon plates and cups and coffee mugs and the ice bucket.  I believe the luncheon plates with the cups are from the 70’s as they are in the classic Autumn Harvest colors.  The lunch/dinners trays could be from the 70’s or 80’s.  I’m working on finding more information online about these.  Anyone who might remember, please feel free to chime in.




Vintage Tupperware Collection

vintage tupperware colorful collectable jello mold servelier salt pepper ketchup mustard nesting
Vintage Tupperware Collection

This collection all started with finding the vintage Tupperware salt & pepper shakers. (718-11 and 718-15). I love the patterns and colors.

Tupperware was created in 1946 by Earl Tupperware and was primarily released to the public through the famous “Tupperware” parties in the 1950’s.  The Wonderlier (round storage bowl sets in those fantastic colors) tended to be the best sellers, however there we also Jello molds, cake carriers, pitchers, storage containers, condiment dispensers, etc.  Pretty much anything that you needed to house or store, there was a Tupperware container that would hold it.  Each Tupperware piece comes along with it’s own ID number and stamped with the famous circles emblem and Tupperware branding.

In your local thrift stores, you can find these pieces for $1.99 at the most for the smaller pieces and under $5.00 for the larger sizes.  Here are some examples of their current prices.  The salt and pepper shakers were purchased for $1.00 each and can now be found online for $15.00 used.  The blue Tupperware canisters were $4.99 and are easily over $30.00 on many online websites.  The Jello mold was purchased for less than $2.00 and goes for over $15.00 online.

Tupperware was “Made in the USA” and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Now, what’s not to love?



Finding vintage treasures in the Las Vegas area.