George Nelson- Wooden Pixels Wallclock


Some days after scouring through the thrift stores you leave feeling discouraged, but other times you happen to come across an item that makes it all worth while.  Yesterday, I was browsing one of my local Savers stores.  While walking through the isle that usually holds pots and pans, I noticed something that was certainly out of place- this awesome wooden pixels clock!

The clock was created by George Nelson (1908-1986). George was one of the founders of what we know as American Modernism and designed many classic iconic furniture, lamps and accessory pieces of the 20th century.  His accomplishments included being the director of the well known Herman Miller furniture company and his own company George Nelson Associates, Inc.

This amazing clock was purchased for $16.00 and easily retails online between $75.00-$125.00  It’s classic mid-century design is nostalgic and fits well in many design schemes.

george nelson, pixels clock, mid century

If you’d like more information on George Nelson, please visit the link below.

Source:  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




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